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Funfields & Bubble Soccer 🎢 ⚽

What an action-filled weekend! On Saturday, we went to Funfields in Whittlesea and on Sunday, we

played bubble soccer at Eastern Indoor Sports Centre. Below is a breakdown of each activity.


Funfields had a range of different rides. There were water slides, a toboggan slide, go-karting, a heated wave pool, mini golf and a pirate ship that would swing. There was so much for everyone to do and enjoy. We were lucky to have had such a beautiful day weather-wise too.

Those that were brave enough were swept off their feet and hurtled 18 metres into the air in a looping, 360-degree frenzy. This was definitely the scariest ride I have been on. Check out the video below!

Here we have Anthony & Alex launching themselves headfirst through braided, twisting tunnels, where they accelerated into open multi-bump racing lanes and came to a stop at the finish line. According to a staff member, it is the world's longest racer and the first of its kind in Australia.

The alpine toboggan slide was a crowd favourite! You would first be gently towed 400 metres to the top of the mountain, where you could enjoy the panoramic views. You would then hurtle down the mountain at top speed for 700 metres … or for those who were less daring the “scenic route”. The toboggans were easy to ride … you were in total control … you would simply push the joystick forward to go faster and pull it back to slow down.

Funfields was so much fun, we will definitely have to come back near year!


We had some very excited faces for this activity!

Love the shirt Alex!

Whilst we were waiting for our bubble suits to inflate we all went on the massive playground and big slides.

We even played a little soccer without our plastic bubbles to warm up and get ready.

We even had Korbyn doing some archery.

Now it was time to play some bubble soccer. We all put on our plastic bubble suits that went from our thighs to our heads and were approximately five feet in diameter.

The bubbles let all of us bounce around with the ball and knock each other to the ground without getting hurt. We had a game that was safe, entertaining to watch, and hilariously fun to play. It was basically a game that was a combination of soccer, human bowling, pillow fighting, and sumo wrestling!

It didn't take long for everyone to get used to the bubble suit!

Whilst everyone loved to play bubble soccer, they especially loved doing flips and running into each with the suits on.

By the end of our session, everyone was exhausted, as you can imagine it got very warm in those suits!

We are so excited to see a large majority of you this coming weekend at Ocean Grove, We can't wait!

- Brooke and the Team at onesocial :)

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