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Archery Attack!

Robin Hood would be shaking in his boots! We started the day by heading out nice and early to Archery Attack in Reservoir. It was our second time here for most of us, so we were well prepared for what was coming. Our guide quickly taught us the ropes and tips around using the bow for the rest of us.

Everyone picked it up extremely quickly, and we were ready to get started on the games. First, we started with a classic Team Deathmatch, where we were split into two separate groups and battled against each other. Both teams had a medic that could revive anyone shot with an arrow.

It was then time for Capture the Flag, where both teams had a base located with a flag. The game aimed to steal the opponent's flag and bring it back to their base; whoever did this successfully won the game. This game was an absolute hit and was highly fast-paced compared to the rest.

Overall it was a fantastic fun-filled day; we will be heading back here shortly as they also run Nerf-Wars at the same venue, stay tuned for that!

Have a fantastic week. Up next is the AFL on Friday night, followed by Sovereign Hill!

-Anthony and the team at onesocial :)

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1 Comment

Lachie B
Lachie B
May 24, 2022

What a fun and energetic day... Lachie loved it 🎯

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