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OneSocial Gets 'SideTracked'

Burnin' Rubber, Bowling Balls and Brain Freezes...

What do these three things have in common?

They were all just a few of the shenanigans the boys got up to at our day out to SideTracked in Oakleigh South.

As soon as we arrived, there was no time to mess around...

...wellll maybe we had a few minutes to mess around!

But then it was time to get serious and hit the track.

The boys all got suited up and buckled in for a few speedy laps around the indoor go-karting track:

With our hearts still pumping we decided to try our hands at the arcade machines.

We had Christopher shooting goals against none other than Homer Simpson:

Seb and James displayed their bowling prowess with Seb even managing to score a 'Golden Strike':

But the most historic arcade moment any of us had ever witnessed...Jacob scored the Jackpot on the Wheel of Fortune!

Scoring himself 300 Tickets in a single go!!!

But even with his new found fortune, Jacob was straight back to 'clowning around' only moments later:

And of course, it almost wouldn't have been a OneSocial event without a few rounds of Laser Tag:

We would like to once again thank all the boys for coming along and making the day what it was!

A special and warm welcome to Michael who joined us for his first event as part of the OneSocial Support Worker team.

We are hoping everyone is enjoying their holidays and is getting excited with Santa coming in only a few short weeks...

-Kris, Michael and Anthony

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