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Overnight Trip to Rye!

Early Saturday morning, we headed down to the beautiful suburb of Rye located on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. The drive down didn't feel too long as we were all listening to road trip songs, "Barbie Girl" and "Shotgun" were big hits that had everyone singing along! When we reached Rye, we got some fish and chips for lunch and brought them to our Airbnb, where we were staying the night. The Airbnb was a brand new double-story townhouse, so everyone was very impressed and excited that we were staying there.

After everyone had some lunch and had settled in, we drove 20 minutes, where we went on a coastal clifftop walk that had excellent views over the sea and rocky bay and the spectacular Cape Schanck and its lighthouse. It was a beautiful sunny day, so everyone was quite warm and sweaty by the end of the walk.

We headed back to the Airbnb, where we got changed into our bathers and slathered in sunscreen. The Airbnb was only a 5-minute walk from the beach and the main street, so we all went swimming at Capel Sound Beach. The water was relatively shallow at the water's edge, and we even saw some small fish swimming. We all had a great time throwing back and forth the vortex ball to each other in the water. Anthony could throw it the furthest, so it was fun when we all had to try and catch it.

Once we got back to our Airbnb, we all had a shower and freshened up. Once we were all refreshed, we went for a walk to the main street, where we all got some ice cream! Mango sorbet was a big favourite! For dinner, we made our home-made pizzas. Everyone had their pizza base where they all put on their selection of toppings. They turned out great and were so yummy! The rest of the night consisted of movies, Playstation, board games, and murder in the dark.

We had pancakes, toasties, and hot chocolates for breakfast the next morning. After a big day yesterday, we packed up all our stuff and headed home. Everyone was exhausted and most slept home in the car.

Stay tuned for next week's event as we are going PAINTBALLING! So if you haven't booked in, what are you waiting for!

- Brooke and the team at onesocial :)

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