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Black Rock Beach Trip

Saturday 30th October 2021

We kickstarted the day by heading down to the sand to embrace the water, it's more than likely been a long time since any of us have done this so this was much enjoyed! Whether it was looking through seashells or dipping our toes in the water it was extremely refreshing for everyone!

We then went to look at the the shipwreck HMVS Cerberus which was sunk as a breakwater in 1926, we all found out some interesting information about it and the history of it prior to its fate.

Fish and chips was on the menu for lunch, we were lucky enough to not be attacked by opportunistic seagulls and somewhat peacefully got through our meal which was absolutely delicious accompanied by the spectacular view!

Afterwards we visited the rock wall formations which made for some incredible visuals, seeing one as up close as we did was absolutely fantastic! It's taken a long time for these walls to form so seeing all the differences between different areas made it much more interesting

We concluded the day with some drinks/ice cream down at Beaumaris concourse which was a perfect finish to the day! The weather was absolutely perfect and sunny for whilst we were outside, knowing Melbourne weather soon after it was showing its four seasons in one day on the drive home with some heavy rain, we will definitely be coming back here in the future, stay tuned! - Anthony

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