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Fun in the Sun at Phillip Island

Last Saturday we all decided to 'Slip' on a pair of shorts, 'Slop' on some sunscreen and 'Slap' on our hats as we hit the road headed for Cape Woolamai in Phillip Island.

With our best road-trip music playlists lined up, we cruised along, enjoying the views of big blue skies and the rolling green hills in the distance and enjoyed some karaoke.

When we arrived, we could hardly believe what we were seeing! Archer even went as far as to ask us "Am I dreaming? I feel like I need to pinch myself and wake up".

We couldn't stand around admiring the views for too long though because we had some trails to hike!

We even found a prickly little friend along the way...

All that walking definitely turned out to be worth it once we saw this jaw dropping view...

With a backdrop like that, of course we had to take some happy snaps :)

The it was time to head down to the shore...

...and take Anthony's new drone for a test flight:

After a successful landing, it was time to say goodbye to Cape Woolamai, but not without leaving our mark, and with a lack of flags to plant in the ground, the boys got together and came up with this:

Overall, an unforgettable day out! As always, we want to thank everyone who came along and made the day as memorable as it was.

Stay tuned for our next blog where the boys take on the daring challenge of speeding GoKarts and burning some rubber at SideTracked...

-Kris, Josh & Anthony

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Isaac was so tired when he got home. Looks like he used a lot of his energy singing 🎶😀. So jealous you all got to see an echidna. What a great day!


Dec 01, 2021

What a cracker of a day. Ben had a ball and loved the drone as well. Thank you to the whole group for making it such a fun time. Jealous!

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