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It’s Officially Football Season! 🏈

Many of us attended and watched our first AFL game on Friday night! The match was between Melbourne and Essendon at The Melbourne Cricket Ground, also known locally as "The G", as most caught on. We sat on the top tier of the stadium, which meant we had a good line of sight and could quickly survey the whole ground. The steep seating was a little scary for some at first, but everyone seemed to embrace it after getting used. The pure energy from the substantial crowd of 44,000 when a player took a pack mark or kicked a goal was electric. You couldn't wipe the smiles off everyone's faces.

As a majority of the group hadn't watched an AFL game before, there were many questions thrown Anthony's way as to how the game works. We even got to see the newly named Shane Warne Stand.

Of course, it's not a good game without some iconic fan food that is ever so entrenched in football culture. Nothing screams footy quite like hot meat pies, fish and chips and burgers.

It was a wild game of footy as Melbourne Demons beat Essendon Bombers by 29 points. It's the first time since 1967 Essendon has started an AFL season with three straight losses. After a night of many firsts for some, we faced traffic chaos as thousands of football fans descended out of the city and headed home.

We will be sure to add some more AFL games to our events, so if you were unable to come to this game or your team wasn't playing, keep your eyes peeled!

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- Brooke & the onesocial team :)

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