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Mini Golf & Batman Day Out!

We started our day at Maroondah Golf Park, where we took on 36 holes (two courses) of adventure golf. The golf park had extensive landscaping and building-level changes, which provided exciting golf play. Some golf holes even had air effects that moved the ball to different course locations, while some had water effects! We put our way around winding paths, over creeks, through water wheels, down tunnels and around ball spirals. We were all mesmerized by how each golf hole was different and challenging.

Once we finished up at the golf park, we all had some lunch and headed down to Hoytes to watch the much anticipated Batman movie. As this was my first time seeing a Batman movie, I had no idea what was going on, so everyone thought it was hilarious, and they made sure they told me every little detail after the movie had finished. The movie went for 3 hours, so everyone did well to stay focused for the whole film.

Next week will be our Airbnb holiday trip, so if you are interested, please feel free to book in!

- Brooke & the team at onesocial

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