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Movies & Bowling Bonanza

Saturday November 6th 2021

We started the day off by heading down to Zone bowling in Clayton, To say it was a extremely fun time is an understatement, everyone put their skills on show during bowling and the games were intense, to see how everyone progressively got better throughout the day was amazing to watch. Bowling will be definitely something we will try again in the near future!

There was lots of intensity to the games and everyone had a fantastic time, I was beaten a few games but I will be practicing and will be ready for next time (Jacob).

We then had a bit of time prior to the movie to grab some lunch, once we were replenished and ready to go we quickly browsed JB Hi-Fi and looked at some of the cool tech that they have, once that was finished it was movie time! Chadstone is an extremely busy place but it was nice to see all the shops benefiting from post lockdown!

Everyone very much enjoyed the movie with high approval ratings and is definitely worth watching! With Bounce and a trip to Philip Island planned for next week we have plenty to be excited for!

- Anthony

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1 Comment

Jacob M
Jacob M
Nov 12, 2021

Awesome photos Anthony. It's obvious that everyone is loving the activities. Thank you ❤️

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