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Run For....PIZZA! 🍕🏃

Early Sunday morning on a gloomy Melbourne day, we made our way to Albert Park Lake, where most of us participated in our first fun run.

When we first arrived, we made our way to the Race Village, where we all had to register and collect our race numbers, t-shirt and wristband. Many people dressed up; we saw people dressed like spiderman, a T-Rex, the Incredibles, and even pizza slices. The atmosphere was incredible; there was a pump-up playlist, and Mr Pizza guided us through a disco warm up.

We were all ready for our run by this stage. We waited for the 10K and 5K heat to go first, and then it was our time to go. After a 10 second count down, we were off and running!

We started at an incredible pace. We ran right along the lake alongside palm trees, swans and ducks.

We ran past Lakeside Stadium, MSAC and a rowing club. After completing 1K, we turned around and headed back.We were all tired by this stage. After a couple of rest breaks, everyone pushed through as the finish line was in sight.

Upon crossing the finish line and completing 2K, we all got our Pizza Run medal as well as some glorious pizza!

We were all exhausted and our tummies were full, we had such a great morning.

Can't wait to see you all at Bounce and the Escape room next weekend!

- Brooke & Anthony from onesocial :)

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2 comentarios

Holly had such an amazing time!!!! She couldn’t wait to take her medal to her Day Program… Thank you so much for all the amazing adventures she is having.

Me gusta

Lachie B
Lachie B
06 jun 2022

Lachie proudly showed off his Pizza Medal and talked all about his running skills like a pro 😉😀

Me gusta
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