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The Ultimate Paintball Experience 🔫🎨

We experienced the most awesome paintball experience on Friday afternoon at Snipers Den! They had 7 acres of playing fields with multiple competitive zones that varied in terrain, obstacles, layout, and the strategic goal of the course. We were all new to paintball, so we were all very nervous about getting hit by the paintballs. The staff at Snipers Den were very nice and explained that they use a premier paintball brand that breaks easily upon impact, which made us feel a lot better. We all geared up and put on our full-length urban camouflage overalls to provide cover and extra padding during our time there. We were then given a safety brief and taught how to use the paintball gun and reload it with more paintballs. The paintball guns were a lot heavier than we were all expecting! At that stage, we were ready!

Our favourite paintball field was the Team Deathmatch field. This field was designed to recreate an urban combat environment complete with graffiti-covered obstacles, which added a colourful accent to the combat zone. Our two teams fought through various obstacles to get to the opposing team's base whilst trying not to get hit by the other team.

Bruised and battered, we were ready to call it a day, having an absolute blast knowing that we would all be back here in the near future. Up next is our Virtual Reality and Laser Tag event, so be sure to book in and reserve your spot!

- Brooke & the team from onesocial

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