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Virtual Reality, Laser Tag and Arcade

While we didn't quite have hoverboards or flying cars, this weekend we all got to feel like we were living in the future by spending our Sunday at 'GAMR Laser Tag and VR' in Chirnside Park.

First up was laser tag. After a safety briefing from the friendly staff at GAMR it was time to gear up, and lock and load for a battle of the ages!

The battlefield was awesome! It featured alien and monster heads, bases to capture and 'Power Up Zones' to gain special abilities with your laser gun:

Next up was a 'Zombie Infected' round. One person would be chosen at random to be the zombie while everyone else hid away and tried not to get 'infected'...

Next up, it was time to step out of this world...and into a virtual one. Everyone had an hour to become whoever they wanted to be and do whatever they wanted to do. Their only limit was their imagination.

Tara climbed precariously across a candy cane bridge...

Isaac chose to become the most feared gun slinger in the wild wild west...

Hamish chose to fight off hoards of zombies...

Nick became Spider-man and swung through the streets of New York...

Jacob entered the weird and wonderful world of Jumanji...

While Archer and Chris chose to cut fruit and be a cashier in a convenience store...

If all of that wasn't enough, there was still an entire arcade to dance, shoot and drive to your heart's content...

After all of that, and with our bellies full from good feed in between, it was time to say goodbye...

but fortunately, not for long!

Everyone will get to be re-united once again as we take on Phillip Island this Saturday (27th November) and speed around the track at Sidetracked this Sunday (28th November)!

We hope to see all of you there! Until then, we hope you all have a good week at school/work and get to soak in the sun with the weather warming up as we head into summer! - Kris and Anthony

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3 commentaires

29 nov. 2021

Thanks Anthony and Kris - really appreciate your efforts. We had one tired and happy kid, so a good combination!


Jacob M
Jacob M
28 nov. 2021

Thank you SO much Anthony, Kris and co for the amazing opportunities you are giving our kids. Jacob is absolutely loving getting out, feeling more independent, meeting people and having a ball.


Great to see videos of everyone having a great time 😃

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